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My postpartum depression and generalized anxiety are full-blown depression and anxiety (with some OCD on the side) now. I credit the internet for helping me know what to look for because I never, ever would have connected my rage to depression.

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Postpartum Progress is a non-profit that supports thousands of women around the world–including me.

Katherine Stone and her staff advocate tirelessly for better support and less stigma related to mental health issues specifically surrounding postpartum women–including me. In 2013, Postpartum Progress started a Climb Out event where participants do a climb in their area to raise money and awareness for Postpartum Progress and their advocacy programs. If you want to support my Climb or join our team climbing in Grand Haven, Michigan, you can visit my fundraiser page here.

The first climb had 177 participants in 40 states and 7 countries and raised $40,000. At times, I wanted to relieve my family of the burden of me. The Climb takes place on June 18 (our eleventh anniversary!

Last year the climb had 2,500 participants in 45 states and 5 countries and raised $230,000. I’m doing it to give back to Katherine and Postpartum Progress for helping me get my life back. I’m doing it because I think back at how uninformed and scared and angry and just sad I was six years ago sitting with my hands between my knees in my doctor’s office. Did you know that the second leading cause of death for postpartum women is suicide?

I’m doing it to show my kids that I am strong and healthy (and Cortney and the kids are doing it with me!

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