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However, a subsequent decision was made by the Probation and Welfare Service not to locate to the property, Hayes said.

“As no alternate State requirement could be identified for this property, at that time, the OPW decided that the property was surplus to requirements and as part of the rationalisation programme it was placed on the market.

While there have been expressions of interest in the purchase and/or leasing of the property, it remains on the market,” he said.

Hayes said that, as the property is State-owned, there are no insurance costs but that the average annual costs covering works to prevent any deterioration of the building, care and maintenance, general repairs and upkeep of the building total approximately €5,000.

Department of Social Protection has ‘ruled out’ using the property Hayes noted that, more recently, the OPW again engaged with the Department of Social Protection on the potential of using this space but that Department had “ruled out” using this property.

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