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In terms of annual crush it accounts for about half of South Australia's and about a quarter of Australia's production.The Riverland wine regain has approximately 1,300 winegrape growers who can produce up to 480,000 tonnes of grapes annually.The Riverland's wonderful climate, its commitment to viticulture quality through 'world's best practices' in irrigation, clone selection, and vineyard management techniques all contribute to is ability to produce excellent fruit.

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The Murray River has some of Australia's best known wine regions.

Through Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia you can experience a treasure trove of tastes, styles, flavours, landscapes and cultures.

Rutherglen region contains rich wines, deep soul and character.

James Halliday, Australia's premier wine commentator said: "One of the truly great wine tourism destinations".

The region offers 23 wineries, each with its own history and expertise, collectively can provide you with an enduring memory.

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