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The newly transcribed and edited diary reveals new insights into Darwin's theorising such as clear evidence that he was not, as often claimed, an immediate convert to Charles Lyell's gradualistic geology. Brinkman 2010) that Darwin's discovery of fossil mammals in 1832-1834 was pivotal to his emerging views on species is supported, although more emphasis is placed here on a single horse tooth.

The view that Darwin's discovery of a fossil forest high in the Andes in 1835 may have been a trigger for his belief in oceanic subsidence which in turn led to his theory of coral atoll formation (Pearn 2009; Sponsel 2009) is also supported.

It is further suggested that there was another crucial stage in Darwin's development which occurred neatly between the fossil bones of 1833 and the fossil forest of 1835, namely his sight of mist in Andean valleys in August 1834.

This arguably 'eureka' moment, like his later sight of Eimeo from Tahiti, showed Darwin how one landform can evolve into another, thus providing a geological template for the same kind of dynamic thinking in biology. Gruber and Gruber (1962) seem to have been the first to look seriously at the zoological and geological materials (3 and 4).

The entire Diary has now been transcribed and published here for the first time.

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