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And what guidance does astrology offer as the UK faces a post-EU future? The AA President reflects on the ‘cosmic weather’ of Brexit against the history of three UK General Elections since 1945 which led to radical social change, with especial focus on astro-cycles and the Saturn-Neptune squares. How does new PM Theresa May differ from Margaret Thatcher? Regions beyond the safe boundaries of the civilized. These are some of the realms of the zodiacal sign of Scorpio and its planetary ruler, Pluto.

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or hearing the audio, there is likely to be a simple solution to the problem.

The most common problem is that your computer doesn't have the correct audio broadcasting software installed.

Here are the audio and video streaming software you need to install and the software is free to install Astro Vaanavil .

Channel 201 Astro Vaanavil targets the Indian population and broadcasts in Tamil and various other South Indian dialects.

It is the first Malaysian Indian channel to provide top of the range Tamil programmes, Telugu and Malayalam blockbuster movies, top-rated drama series and a variety of general entertainment programmes.

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