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They want their friends to think that even though they are not the main providers of the household, they can still have the power; that power is being proven by the fact that they is out drinking with their buddies, and somebody else is doing the dirty work. For that reason, they will all compete to see who can sit at the beer shop the longest to prove who is the most powerful man.

Gallant (Overdoing) How many times do you go out with a Vietnamese man and he offers to pay for you?

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Yesterday, One Vietnam Network asked our fans about their opinions regarding Vietnamese women.

We received a lot of positive answers as well as a few negative ones. However, I believe this is only true for most men in Vietnam who live in the cities. Their wives take care of almost everything in the house, from cooking, to cleaning, to taking care of children — even long hours at work.

However, some fans have pointed it out that such a question was rather silly. These men usually spend their lives drinking beer with their buddies and talking loudly about random topics all day long.

At this moment, I am still curious about the reasons behind that statement and would love to view things from the male perspective about Vietnamese women. Whenever I ask a Vietnamese female about what they think of Vietnamese men or their own men, the most likely answer I would get is “Lazy bums! Of course, there are exceptions; there are men who actually work hard and are goal-oriented.

Until I get a chance to know the real issues, I will continue to ask another “silly” question: What about Vietnamese men – what are your impressions? It is very questionable that the Vietnamese literature only highly regards Vietnamese women, but not men. There are two things to blame for the problem of men being lazy bums: (1) Traditional Vietnamese culture has imprinted in their brains the idea that “Husband is the King, Wife is the Slave”.

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