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TV you missed: Shit gets unreal in the UK's update of "The Twilight Zone" for the internet era. What You Missed Britain's beloved Princess Susannah has been kidnapped.In a viral You Tube video, her abductor promises to kill her unless the prime minister performs an unspeakable act — on live television.

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Or is the present/near future really as creepy as in "The Entire History Of You"?

This deeply discomfiting episode is set in a near future in which people wear Google Glass-like contact lenses that record everything they see.

The footage is stored in hard drives, embedded in the neck, which can be watched as entertaining - or menacing - "re-do's" on your living room flat-screen.

The visionary show's first episodes aired in 2011 in the U. but became available on Netflix in the United States only in December.

Already the buzz is such that a re-do of did in this last week's drunken yet incisive episode, "Hashtag FOMO." (ICYMI, that stands for Fear of Missing Out.) The show followed our heroines - Ilana, played by Ilana Glazer; and Abbi, portrayed by Wayne, Pa.'s own Abbi Jacobson - as they move from one party to the next. The revelation comes when the duo wander into a basement bar so far underground that there is no cell reception.

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