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based on the popular book series of the same name, this drama gives viewers a peek into the world of privileged teenagers on an elite private school in new york city.the story is written by the o.c.'s josh schwartz and stephanie savage, and directed by mark piznarski who has worked on series like everwood and veronica mars.

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the last additions to this new cw drama are misconceptions taylor momsen, the covenant's chace crawford and the bedford diaries's penn badgley.

their characters are momsen as jenny a 14 year-old and shy girl, nate the good looking boyfriend of blair, and dan the secret admirer of serena.

e-ring's kelly rutherford and the jury's florencia lozano have both been cast as the mothers of lead roles serena and blair.

rutherford will play the mother of serena van der woodsen (lively's character), a former ballerina and rock groupie.

i don't understand how they intend to make a series where more than half of the principle characters are portrayed as villains in the pilot.

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