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But honestly, when I looked it up, it seemed like each of us had some of the characteristics..maybe that explained it, 2 halves trying to make a whole. )X is Paranoid Schizophrenic and Manic Depressive both...although they didn't become evident until after the marriage. You will never, ever, know the real them because their *is* no real them, just a series of personas, and one day you may come home to find yourself living w/a very scary stranger.

Stuck with it for 8 years because I believed medical science actually could do something for her at the time..naive I was. My ex tried to have the pet wolf we'd raised together killed to get back at me when I wouldn't sign over the house in the divorce; we're talking about the man who the wolf thought of as 'daddy', who was the reason that the wolf knew the word 'Burgerville'.

I'd never go back to that life again and won't take on anyone with a mental illness. Unstable, chaotic intense relationships characterized by splitting (see below). Frantic efforts to avoid real or imagined abandonment Splitting: the self and others are viewed as "all good" or "all bad." Someone with BPD said, "One day I would think my doctor was the best and I loved her, but if she challenged me in any way I hated her. In my world, people were either the best or the worst. Early trust may have been shattered by people who were close to you. Feeling of "needing" someone else to survive Heavy need for affection and reassurance Some people with BPD may have an unusually high degree of interpersonal sensitivity, insight and empathy My ex had it - she asked me to marry her 3 times in the 2 years we were together - i always said yep it will happen relax - the day i asked her to marry me valentines day 2004 - she dumped me - didnt know about it till later on from a psychologist that knows us both . Interesting subject When I first met a man with it I told a nurse friend ..

I couldn't understand the concept of middle ground." Alternating clinging and distancing behaviors (I Hate You, Don't Leave Me). But when you get close it feels TOO close and you feel like you have to get some space. she said " hit the ground running "I didnt - I thought this was a shallow and mean comment and perspective on a Illness - 2 years later with more understanding and experience of this Illness, and NOT even having a clue who It was I dated - yes they have multiple personalities and just create themselves to be what you want - for a time till you fall hard for them - then they have no problems freeing the Jeckyl factor haha - I wish I had.

I lost 2 years of my life with this mans head games ect - I could go Into the situation but believe me truth Is stranger than fiction here - this man has 13 false dating site profiles and msn accounts that i know off - complete with pictures and life stories - so yer sure I met the one he had with his real picture - but end of day how would I know that was him?

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