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Guar gum is cheaper, but can cause digestive “issues” and is harder to find.

– Coconut meat pulverized into a fragrant creamy white powder.

Acts similarly to protein powder by drying out baked goods.

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This gluten-free low carb creation was inspired by this recipe at Gluten-Free Gobsmacked (not low carb, but still wonderful! Gluten-free (GF) recipes can give you helpful hints for how to hold together your low carb flourless doughs.

Sadly, GF flour blends are made up of all kinds of starches and grains, making them even higher in carbs than all purpose flour! Fortunately some of the same binding tricks can be applied to our beloved nut meals and seed flours.

You should be able to find all of the ingredients for these wraps at your local health food store.

When I first figured out what specialty ingredients were necessary for re-creating most of my favorite high carb treats, I bit the bullet and made quite a few initial investments.

Some of these essential cooking/baking ingredients are used in such small amounts that I don’t have to buy them often.

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