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Moreover, the federal government is adamantly denying or restricting the exercise of freedom of expression for security and other ludicrous excuses.The recommendations of the UN Human report to stop the violations of freedom of expression committed in the past 4 years by the federal government fell on deaf ears.The federal government ignores its responsibility to provide security and protection to all citizens for the exercise of their political and human rights.

– the president, the federal parliament, and the Council of Ministers – and to the impasse of the 2016 electoral process.

The national and local institutions of the federal government are unable to manage responsibly and independently their institutional duties in accordance with the provisional constitution during the political transition.

For example, articles 115, 118, and 127 of the provisional constitution prohibit the participation of the security forces and civil servants in political parties and campaigns, but the president of the federal government uses civil servants and security forces, national TV, radio, and other public assets for the launch and promotion of his presidential campaign for reelection.

This blatant disregard to the rule of law promotes abuse of power and corruption with no fear for accountability.

Accusations about plundering of public resources, organized criminals, and social divisions are rife and as a result public confidence in the leadership of the federal government plummeted.

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