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At our Monday morning devo, Cory inspired us with a lesson from the Book of Joshua to be Incredibly, God immediately blessed our efforts as Dao nailed her interviews that day and was offered a job teaching English to young children!

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After Yomi arrived in Lagos from London to strengthen the Remnant Group; she challenged Tope to contact Yomi.

In turn, Yomi invited Tope to the church and after studying with Yomi and the brothers on the Mission Team, Tope is now your brother!

The unity of God's new movement continues to have a great impact, as a Nigerian named Akin attended a worship service in Washington DC and was moved to study the Bible and join God's church in Lagos!

Despite returning to Lagos from Washington DC on Saturday night – a five hour time difference – Akin drove over an hour in the morning from his home to join us for service today with his wife, two young children and sister-in-law!

Truly, God is building a great church in Lagos by Please continue to pray for the Lagos International Christian Church as we presently have 25 ongoing studies!

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