Cambodian sex tourism

Although it is not the only issue that contributes to sex trafficking in Cambodia, my video chooses to focus on the government’s weakness and inability to protect Cambodian and internationally trafficked women and children from the terrors of sexual exploitation.Intense poverty and economic instability are also huge factors in the abundance of sex trafficking in Cambodia.Basically, my main point is that government control is pretty wimpy in Cambodia.

cambodian sex tourism-70

As I mentioned before, the communist regime in the 1970’s and the following government control in Cambodia kept prostitution to a low during its rule (although the rule did have a LOT of other flaws making life very difficult for the average Cambodian).

Civil war was going on in Cambodia and the United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia (UNTAC) in 1992 was sent into Cambodia to stabalize the environment so that Cambodia could have a general election.

Although they were sent with intentions to help the situation in Cambodia, one effect of having the UNTAC 20,000 mostly-male troops and personnel was that there was a huge spike in the demand for prostitutes.

The demand decreased in 1993, when UNTAC withdrew from Cambodia, but prostitution, brothel ownership, and sexual exploitation already had become a way of life for many Cambodians.

Rather than finding a new way of life, many just began finding new customers.

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