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Camilla Belle is pretty much flawless - just looking at her makes me want to chug a bottle of water and go home and put face mask on - but her makeup deserves some cred too; it's always impeccable.

Never too intense or too plain, it does what makeup should do by bringing out her natural beauty - of which there is a scary amount.

And while Camilla does the bold lip well, I think deep down she's really a sexy, smoky eye makeup kind of girl, don't you?

Here's more evidence to support that claim - the most perfect cat-eye liner you've ever seen: I love the simplicity and classic feel of this makeup look - the cat-eye "flick" is just high enough to conjure Brigitte Bardot (without a hint of Amy Winehouse) and the pale pink sparkle eye shadow and shimmery lip gloss give it a sweeter, more innocent twist.

Add creamy flawless skin, perfectly-shaped eyebrows and a healthy coat of black mascara into the mix.

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