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Warmed by Pacific Ocean currents and protected by a range of mountains, Vancouver enjoys mild temperatures year-round.From high 70°s Fahrenheit (low 20°s Celsius) in summer to a mild mid 40°s Fahrenheit (0° to 5° Celsius) in winter, the climate is always hospitable.Our winters are wet, but it rarely snows, except on local ski hills.

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The English spoken here is standard, proper, and easily understood around the world. Whether you enjoy golfing, skiing or scuba diving, Vancouver, Canada is the place to be! These links will take you to a comprehensive collection of videos and images of Vancouver: Some people come to Vancouver to get away from it all and to leave the stress of work and city living behind.

Vancouver is clean, safe and blessed with a year-round mild climate. Vancouver is one of the world's most attractive cities. Some come to enjoy the wide-open spaces, the sandy beaches, majestic rainforest and rugged West Coast mountains.

Others come to try their hand at skiing, windsurfing, scuba diving or inline skating.

Some come with families in tow excited about visiting the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre, Science World and the Kids Only market.

Still others come to enjoy world-class entertainment, fantastic cuisine and some of the finest and most eclectic shopping around. It doesn't matter what time of day it is or what time of year it is. Whether it's bird watching or people watching, Vancouver is the place to do it all.

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