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Now, sex tapes are so common that they use ‘leaked' as a marketing tactic to advance a career of a celebrity often on the ‘B list' or lower.Pam Anderson was one of the first wildcats on the scene with a sex tape released; in fact she has two sex tapes to check out!

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Yes the our holy war with the West has almost been won, and we have this Miley Cyrus sex tape to thank!

Celebrity sex tapes in the past would often cause damage to a celebrity's career - damage to ones reputation making it harder for them to be taken seriously but the public.

Where do you go to find your favorites stars caught in the action? These are often spun as scandals, which make them much more risqué and in turn, more in demand by the public at large.

Well, this might be news to you but they are not the heads of fortune 500 companies, they just released sex tapes! There is more to the sex story than just Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton! A sex tape is usually made intentionally, but sometimes unintentionally, and it involves a famous person in a pornographic setting or scene.

Find out why celebrity sex tapes are so interesting and why we want to see certain celebs -- uncover the mystery!

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