Crappy dating sites

'” We’re sitting in a booth at dinner getting to know each other, and when she finds out I’m studying psychology in school, and won’t stop asking about mental disorders and specifically what people with severe depression act like.

When I offered to pay, she began hysterically crying.

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When the day of our date finally arrived, I waited.waited.waited, but no word from him.

He was nearly an hour late, so he suggested we skip the restaurant, though I was starving.

At the theater, he all but pushes me out of the way to get in front of me in line so he can pay for his own ticket and leaves me to buy my own.

Then in the movie, he keeps talking through all of the dialogue.

If you went on a date with a good person but everything that could go wrong did go wrong, why not bounce back with a dating do-over on the Steve Harvey Show?

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