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People have been double trading and saying they will give you something else, but if you accept they usualy run away with your item! If you are a non, for e.g, and it took you nearly 3 months saving up ecoins and give the lucky bot a spin, you will mostly just get ugly furniture. Very young children also play this game and other users probably don't care. Besides the money aspect, I've met many nice people on fantage, and enjoy messaging them, although some older aged play fantage, so there is some concern if you have a young child, but it seems theres fewer younger kids anyways(: I have been on Fantage since June of 2009.It is educational, as it offers typing games and math games.It has a mostly postive attitude, though some users will try to find ways to type in bad words or have boyfriends/girlfriends.

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In old fantage, everyone was equal and didn't require membership to have fun.

Now, fantage admins barley read your comments when you post one to them.

Almost EVERYTHING in current fantage is membership only and the memberships are quiet expensive.

In old fantage, a ton of stuff was like, 10 stars and if you had 1,000 stars, you would be considered rich.

Now, to be considered rich, you'd have to have over a million stars. " And a 7 year old kid thinks every word in his sentance is spelt correctly. If you have played during 2007 Beta-2010, you will see what i mean.

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