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Finding love is never easy and for many who simply don’t have the time whether due to work or family commitments, it is even more difficult.

It is an unfortunate fact that for whatever reasons, people can often find themselves on their own, and can find this difficult to come to terms with.

Whether due to a failed marriage, soul destroying bereavement of a long term partner or simply having never found the right person, most people in recent years have turned to online dating as a means of finding themselves a long term soul mate to spend the rest of their lives with.

One of the inherent benefits of online dating is that there is no need for the initial face to face contact which is typically how people have met previously.

For many people this situation would be intolerable and something they avoid at all costs.

This is typically due to the fact that they may have social anxiety issues, lacking in confidence or simply be shy around the opposite sex.

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