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The Sexuality Spectrum Test Tired of having your sexual orientation judged by how many Madonna albums you own or what kind of clothes you wear?If so, here is a test that will determine where you are on the sexual spectrum based...

WARNING: NERD ALERT I haven’t done a nerdy post in a long time. So when I came across this chart that uses Star Wars characters to illustrate Myers-Briggs personality types, I could not resist. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a well known personality test.

By “well known,” I mean that the average person has heard of the MBTI and may even know their type.

Personality inventories allow us to understand ourselves – and others – better.

When we see that different types respond to life in different ways, we learn to understand and accept, rather than criticize and judge.

As you can imagine, this is really important when it comes to relationships. Introversion (I): Are you, respectively, more external (E) or internal (I)? Intuition (N): Do you gather information through your senses (S) or your Intuition (N)? Feeling (F): Do you make your decisions based on what makes the most logical sense (T) or what’s best for everyone involved (F)? Perceiving (P): Do you prefer things set and planned (J) or to “see what happens” and “play it by ear” (P)?

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