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E-harmony uses a monthly subscription model (ranging from .95 – .95 per month). Waxman also adds that the upfront cost ensures that people show up.

JDate opts for a freemium model, whereas others give their services away in hopes of building a large enough network to entice an acquisition, like Ok Cupid‘s million dollar sale to Grouper isn’t Waxman’s first go around on the startup rodeo.

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Not only did it makes us slower, but it also made us less creative.

At Grouper we take pride in doing a lot with a little.

We have that hacker’s mentality.”Grouper is currently available in New York City, Washington, DC, and San Francisco and will soon be expanding to Boston and Chicago.

Tech Cocktail readers can get priority into the invite-only Grouper service by going to this link: When Zach Davis isn't getting lost in the mountains, he is hustling from Boulder, CO as Tech Cocktail's Director of Marketing.

“We wanted to solve the problem of ‘how do you meet new people?

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