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After noticing how unsafe some online dating sites are and how many are filled with scammers and sex offenders, Naveed Nadir wanted to fill a void in the online dating world.

He decided to marry the dating world and professional world by creating, the first and only dating platform for Linked In professionals.

"There are a lot of dating websites out there but most people on those sites lie and have fake profiles," Naveed Nadir, founder of, told .

"With Linked In, people get a sense of security and they feel more comfortable with the network." The online dating site lets users browse through profiles of hundreds of Linked In professionals all over the world, send them private smiles (without words), pitches (250 characters) and even presentations (private images and videos).

Once you sign into using your Linked In account, your professional information, including your Linked In photo, is automatically added to your profile.

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