Dating site music tastes

Bumble recently set itself apart from other dating apps, thanks to a very public response to a sexist male user.Let's hope that shared music taste only inspires fun chats, rather than rude comments about the artists who show up in your favourites list.At least this should be a good way to screen out dates whose questionable musical tastes may not have otherwise come to light until later in the dating process.

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If you prefer shagging to Bruno Mars rather than the KISS then here’s how to get a heads up. Because the profile isn’t the focus of this site then its up to me to contact them and find out more.

At TASTEBUDS you type in 3 artists you like to find your matches. You’ll be matched on music compatibility, age and location, then its up to you to message or favorite the guy’s profile. Maybe adding another 20 artists would cast a wider net.

Here’s the lucky fellas who came up in my search musical based man search: 9 matches in Sydney. I consciously used artists I knew weren’t too girly.

If I put in Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Beyonce, what kind of man would I get and would I want him anyways?

If you've ever used a dating app before, you're probably used to including a few standard details in your bio: travel interests, hometown, profession and music taste.

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