Dating site profile one liners

Be yourself…just an exaggerated version Coming across as smart, funny, and likeable in person can be hard enough; it can seem downright impossible to do in writing. However, you want someone reading your profile to think you’re more than “just fine.” Instead of stating things in a matter-of-fact way, try using a little personality.

“Sundays are reserved for God first…then first-downs and touchdowns.

If you know what language I’m speaking, we’re already off to a good start.” Seriously, if you read both of these on separate profiles, which online dater would you contact first?

dating site funny names for people - Dating site profile one liners

Actually, if you graduated high school fifteen years ago, don’t use high school picture at all.

There is a trend among some online daters to use pictures that are either old or don’t represent their current look.

Don’t be tempted to use that eight year old photo of you on the beach during spring break; especially if you have drastically changed in appearance. Also, be sure the picture is a solo picture or one where you can be seen clearly within a small group of people (no more than two others in the picture).

And, a little Photoshop to help with lighting never hurt anyone.

Cheat to Gain an Advantage Don’t take that advice as a pass for you cheat on your spouse or significant other.

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