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We’ll give you a moment to process/mourn/rage/whatever you have to do to make it through the next few minutes. The girl’s name is Jennifer Phipps and apparently the two were enjoying some time on a water taxi together in Australia. The rumors of a romance started when a photo of a girl sitting on the 18-year-old singer’s lap made its way around the Internet a few days ago.The pic was captioned, “#its #calum #bytheway #dontfreakout @calumhood.” picture surfaced, this time of Calum with a member of the boat’s crew.

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It read, “Apparently this guy I’ve spent the last hour with on my water taxi reckons he is more famous than one direction?

And he’s got some new girlfriend #doescare #whoishe #drunkafrightnow” Apparently, Calum and band mate Luke Hemmings were on the boat with Jennifer and her friends to help celebrate her birthday.

Jenn said, “ We don’t know much about Calum’s supposed new GF, but we DO know that she’s from Sydney, Australia, and went to the city’s University of Technology from 2011-2013, which probably makes her close to his age. Are Calum and Jennifer dating or did they just take a few photos together?

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