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Update: Tuesday, March 29, 2011 – Justice triumphs again!Due to the efforts of and other concerned individuals and organizations, Facebook has now deleted the group "Third Intifada" from its website. Palestinian groups are simply playing cat-'n-mouse, posting the "Third Intifada" page elsewhere on Facebook.

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Many Americans, Europeans,& Asians gave their lives to stop t Nazis and their collaborators who exterminated millions of Jewish, and millions of others who stood for a diverse and democratic world.

Don't defile their memory by allowing pro-intifada murderers Facebook space.

Nothing good comes from the execution of hatred in any form. It is easy to hate, very difficult to truely show Love.

Why not stand up and be someone of accountability and work at something? As soon as people realize that there is no such place as "Palestine" and that the land, including the Sinai Peninsula, all belong to Israel AND that there are NO "Palestinians" only Israeli Jews, Christians and Arabs, will this problem stop.

If Facebook is enabling antisemitic, anti-Israel and hate propaganda, you are being too soft by just organising a petition (altjough it is important).

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