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But if you want to catch the big fish, you’ve got to go deeper.” And to bait the hook with? Those words come from his 2006 book , a slim volume on this and that which gets into some detail about his use of Transcendental Meditation as a kind of fishing pole to reel those especially compelling ideas in from one’s consciousness. As for what part of his consciousness he fished that image out of, perhaps we’d rather not talk about his special brand of creativity (as distinct from his special brand of coffee, no doubt also a fuel for thought). Related Content: David Lynch Explains Where His Ideas Come From Patti Smith and David Lynch Talk About the Source of Their Ideas & Creative Inspiration David Lynch Explains How Meditation Enhances Our Creativity , “understands the whole of life, including both humans and nature, as creative and life giving.

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See old, rustic house in the forest—where Satsuki and Mei come to terms with their mother’s illness while befriending the local nature spirits—get assembled at the top of the post.

And just above, see the town of Koriko from These kits, made by the Japanese paper craft company Sankei, are “ready to be assembled and glued together, creating your own mini movie set,” The Creator’s Project notes.

Previous models include Totoro and his two small companions, above, and the bakery from .

The kits don’t come cheap—each one costs around $100—and they take time and skill to assemble, as you see in these videos.

In early October, The New York Public Library will unveil a new book delivery system that features 24 cars, running on 950-feet of vertical and horizontal track, moving millions of books through 11 different levels of the library, at a rate of 75 feet per minute.

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