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It was at this moment that Raywood thought of how to get back on top: He would become a television personality, dispensing design and entertainment advice. Not only were many home improvement shows in development in Hollywood, but the designer’s public persona—so cultivated, so assertive—was made for TV.For all its glamour, interior design is a difficult business. The knowledge that you’ll never be as rich as the people you work for.

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“He was looking to see if I could help him cross over and become on-air talent,” says Tom Marquardt, an ICM agent who took a meeting with the designer. He was definitely charismatic.” Throughout the first weeks of July, publicists and advisers called on Raywood at the Isola Bella.

“What Craig wanted to do was create a brand out of himself,” says Boden Stephenson, a business consultant who agreed to be his manager.

“My job was to get him press, work on a book deal, and ultimately get him on TV.” The goal was to land Raywood a spot on either HGTV or Bravo’s interior decorating competition series, .

Stephenson came up with a plan for what amounted to a high-profile audition, booking Raywood into an auditorium at the Pacific Design Center to give a demonstration of floral arrangements and table settings.

Part 7: The Art of Living Whether it was chutzpah, delusion, or a combination of the two, Craig Raywood betrayed no outward signs of being chastened by all that had gone on during his first 18 months in Los Angeles.

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