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We use Glype as it is updated constantly but there are others such as CGIProxy Zelune and PHProxy which as far as we can see are not updated.For example PHPProxy has not been updated for at least 7 years. Unlike most other countries, the use of proxies is quite seasonal - significantly slowing down over the summer breaks (End of May) and back again late August to early September.Having said that all through the year there are people using the site from the US all the time using at work and home.

Big Brother (or other, less ominous snoops) won't be able to look over your shoulder and spy on you to see what you're reading, watching or saying.

is for you - we both unblock by changing your IP and becomimg the "man in the middle" but also we provide encryption - we provide an https connection i.e. If you value your privacy and think the only person who should know the sites you browse, this is the place to be.

We mentioned those two sites as they are the most visited.

To use (Virtual Private Network) TOR or Open Proxies as web proxies are easy to use and take no setting up - just use as a browser, and web proxies are course for free!

Well the main reasons are a) we keep the Glype software up-to-date, updating within a working day of updates coming out. We do not charge for bandwidth, servers, Blocked etc so PLEASE do not use the likes of Adblocks otherwise we will have to charge or go out of business and most recently c) we now specialize in making sure that as many video sites work on our You would have to be living in a hole recently not to see the news about online privacy and data being stored on all citizens.

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