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They are whirled and thrown at running game, with the thongs wrapping themselves around the limbs of the animal or bird on contact.

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It is greenish- or brownish-black and much like lava in appearance. SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: Bet She'an, Baysan (Arabic), Beisan (modern); Scythopolis CATEGORY: site DEFINITION: A very large tell of northeastern Israel, site of one of the oldest inhabited cities of ancient Palestine.

Overlooking the town to the north is Tel Bet She'an (Arabic Tall al-Husn), one of the most important stratified mounds in Palestine.

It was excavated in 1921-1933 by the University of Pennsylvania, which discovered the lowest strata date from the late Chalcolithic period in the country (c 4000-3000 and given the status of an imperial free city by Pompey.

In 1960 a finely preserved Roman amphitheater, with a seating capacity for about 5,000, was excavated.

The city was an important center of the Decapolis (a league of 10 Hellenistic cities) and under Byzantine rule was the capital of the northern province of Palaestina Secunda.

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