Great online dating profiles for men examples

Women and men should highlight and talk about why they would make a good partner. If you’ve done good deeds in your life, then sprinkle these stories in your profile.

Men want women who are kind, compassionate, and understanding so in your profiles, you need to paint this picture.

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How to organize your thoughts and how to come off as someone interesting is very important in an online dating profile. Sometimes being too open is not good, like you don’t want to meet someone who doesn’t want children when you deep down know you do, no matter how hot he or she is. Ladies, you should not sound like you are bragging in the profile.

Let’s break it down to 5 parts of how you should come off to others in an online dating profile. Ladies don’t need to mention their Ivy League schools or lead with what a high position they rank in their company.

That stuff is best reserved to brag at family reunions or to parents, but not to your potential future dates. Plus, men want to know what you like to do for fun and if work is not fun for you, then don’t talk about it.

Actually, don’t talk about work at all on your profile.

You are not applying for a job, you are applying to become someone’s girlfriend, so focus on things that would make you a good one.

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