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Internally, Talmud documents two people who lived 180 years apart who had the name Yeshu.

Edition of Amsterdam, 1792, 12 volumes, edition of Basle, 1620, 2 volumes, edition of Venice. Maimonides, edition by Vossius, 1675 As auxillary works I have used: JOANNES BUXDORFIUS. In fact the survival of Christianity was not assured until Constantine adopted it as the faith of the Roman Empire, and even then his successor Julian was emphatically and publicly not Christian.

It amounts to a claim that in the period between the start of the Mishnaic period, before the Hasmoneans, until the time the Talmud was written down between the 200s and 400s CE, only one person named Yeshu rose into prominence in Jewish culture and that is the same person as Jesus. It states that because Jesus became important as the central figure of Christianity, he must have been important in his own lifetime.

His claim that every reference to Yeshu must refer to Jesus cannot be supported by the evidence.

I don't know what that is, except that he claims from the start that every mention of Yeshu in Talmud must refer to Jesus, and that everything said about him was put into Talmud deliberately because of Jewish hatred of Christians.

His work consists of a mass of bare assertions he doesn't prove, forcing interpretations into the text for some purpose of his own.

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