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The Dischord Records Archive Project is looking for an intern for assistance in preserving, cataloguing and creating finding aids for manuscript collections. Recent graduates in library science, archival studies and students who need to complete a practicum as part of their degree program are especially encouraged to apply.The collections include manuscript, photographic and audio-visual material that document the work of Dischord Records and punk in the D. All work will be completed in collaboration with a professional archivist and you must live in the D. area, and be available on weekdays to be considered.

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The Dischord Records catalog is now available to purchase on Bandcamp. Though Government Issue split up 1989, Stabb continued to make music throughout his life, performing and recording in bands like Weatherhead, Betty Blue, Factory Incident and History Repeated. For this session, the band returned to its original lineup: guitarist Brian Baker, singer Shawn Brown, bassist Roger Marbury, and drummer Colin Sears.

The majority of our titles have now been posted, but we'll continue to update and fine-tune the site in the coming months. We are deeply saddened by the news of his passing and send our thoughts to his wife, Mina, and his friends. The songs were recorded in December of 2015 at Inner Ear Studios with Don Zientara and Ian Mac Kaye. In April, Dag Nasty will tour Europe for the first time ever, performing dates in Germany, Austria, Slovenia, and Belgium.

While we will continue to offer digital files for sale on our website in MP3 format, the Bandcamp page will now make it possible to download our releases in lossless formats (WAV, FLAC, etc). Our good friend John Stabb died on Saturday, May 7th at the age of 54. Born John Dukes Schroeder, Stabb was one of the original D. These two songs mark the first time that this lineup has been in the studio together since October 1985, almost 30 years ago. In 2012, the band reunited in its original lineup – guitarist Brian Baker, singer Shawn Brown, drummer Colin Sears, and bassist Roger Marbury – to perform at a benefit for the D. punk documentary, , and it arrives as the group is completing work on its second album. We will continue our work as long as this community continues to create music that speaks to us. For questions about orders, please write to: For general information please write to: Stores, we deal direct!

The record contains two original songs and a cover of Lungfish's "Sphere of Influence." Red Hare is Shawn Brown (Swiz, Fury, and the original-and-current singer of Dag Nasty), Jason Farrell (Swiz, Bluetip), Dave Eight (Swiz, Bluetip), and Joe Gorelick (Garden Variety, Retisonic). The label has put out the work of over 60 bands, and has distributed hundreds of other releases connected to the D.

Dining is available at one of the hotel's 20 restaurants and guests can grab coffee at the coffee shop/café.

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