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We also actively offer content for kids through The home of kids with the launch of Nickelodeon belt in 2006 and the Bananana!Kids brand in 2011 with big activations such as School Attack and Hari Kantin.

Sherina Nordin, group general manager of TV3 and TV9, shares more on the evolving demands of TV audiences and what the channel has done to meet them.

A+M: What has the journey been like and what were some of the key milestones during the past nine years?

We are consistently the number one station among the youth and kids segment, being top-of-mind among our target market.

We have successfully positioned the station as champions of all things youth such associations with the music industry (collaboration with Hujan and Aizat), partnerships with local indiepreneurs (crossover promotions with famous youth brands such as Tarik Jeans and Attack Apparel) and the launch of a slot which identifies and promotes budding talents on screen and off screen.

Some of these initiatives are 9X Shorties for budding filmmakers; 9X Mixtape – music video grants for budding producers and other.

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