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I'm a nerd like that." Chemistry appears an unorthodox subject for an aspiring mentalist, I venture.

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A minute later, after seemingly looking into my eyes, he 'recalled' the word. In the years since I had always assumed that, via body language or suggestion, he had somehow implanted the word into my brain."Ah, or maybe you were doing something and I was just reading you? Though he won't be drawn on the whys and wherefores, he does acknowledge that, if you look hard enough, the knowledge is there for the taking.

"Sometimes I implant thoughts, sometimes I extract thoughts, but I don't like to explain it too much," he says.

"It's based on science, deduction and reasoning – it's a bit like what 'Sherlock' does, except that's a dramatised version.

I look at every clue around me."He points to the teapot on the table.

"Like, what way the teapot is on the table tells me if you're left or right-handed.

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