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The same goes for parsing data, and locale-sensitive analysis of data.But there remain significant differences across systems and applications in the locale-sensitive data used for such formatting, parsing, and analysis.Many of those differences are simply gratuitous; all within acceptable limits for human beings, but yielding different results. Whatever the cause, the differences can cause discrepancies to creep into a heterogeneous system.

For more information about versions of the Unicode Standard, see [Versions].

The LDML specification is divided into the following parts: Not long ago, computer systems were like separate worlds, isolated from one another.

The internet and related events have changed all that.

A single system can be built of many different components, hardware and software, all needing to work together.

Many different technologies have been important in bridging the gaps; in the internationalization arena, Unicode has provided a lingua franca for communicating textual data.

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