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20s is the time when we bid adieu to the happy college life and shake hands with career.Our 20s is crucial because we tend to make many mistakes, the consequences of which we have to reap later in life.

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This article is for all you fresh grads out there who find it difficult managing your finances.

While we love the concept of spending money on the go with a swipe of your credit card, but this is one vicious cycle that you later regret.

Getting reminders of huge credit card bills is something you would not want to see at the end of your tiring day. Remember when we were young we used to save every penny that we got in our piggy bank.

It’s VERY tempting to flaunt your wallet when you get your first salary, but you sure have heard that proverb “Aamdani Athanni Kharcha Rupiya.” It’s totally fine to go drinking with your friends but don’t forget that you have a whole month left to fund yourself. In most cases medical emergencies majorly misbalance your budget. There is no harm in reviving that habit back, only this time in the form of investments. Being a bachelor, living in a PG we buy inexpensive things and pat our backs for being a pro in saving money. Spend a little extra on a quality product instead of spending hundreds on repairing a cheap one.

Don’t scratch your heads going bonkers about budget planning.

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