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I am now in technology but used to model for Elite in my teens/early 20s.

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We didn't work out, thank goodness, but every man I dated had a funny little thing about me modeling. Men like showing photos of me to their friends, sometimes stealthy pics they take while they think I'm not looking or even I'm sleeping (! Normally, that'd be kinda cute but after a while you realize that there is something about you that men find extraordinarily unique. (Nothing earth shattering here, but when you're the catalyst, it's surprising to realize you're part of this weird male social dynamic).

The men I date often want to make an entrance with me.

They often like *dressing me* and pass around photos of me to their friends like I'm the Tesla parked in the driveway.

This is flattering but I'd rather be remembered for my accomplishments.

I also realized the following: No model survives the scrutiny without being affected.

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