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Mascia is not a racist and a liar, then he is offering a spot-on imitation.There is no way this man can serve on Buffalo’s Common Council and no moral way for him even to stay in the race. Mascia is an elected tenant representative of the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority’s board of commissioners. How can any BMHA resident be confident that Mascia is a fair representative of their concerns, given his insults?

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They want it all.”For good measure, he also makes a crude remark about a man of Middle Eastern descent.

Alone, those comments disqualify Mascia from any form of elected public service.

That’s true in Buffalo and it would be true in a city where no African-Americans lived.

There can be no place for that kind of sentiment in American public service. And add deceitfulness to his list of character flaws.

Given a chance to explain what were originally just reports of the vile recording, Mascia insisted to a Buffalo News reporter that he “never, never, never” uses racist language to describe black people and that the recording must be a fake.

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