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The Medgidia Municipal Council, elected in the 2008 local government elections, is made up of 19 councilors, with the following party composition: The economic landscape spotlights the existence of a town fully involved in its progress.Out of 1,200 registered enterprises, only 30 are state-owned and 15 are joint ventures.

Modern Medgidia was built by the Ottoman administration on the place of the old Karasu beginning with 1856.

It was built as a planned city to accommodate refugees from the Crimean War and to serve as an economic hub for the central zone of Dobruja.

The town was named in honour of the sultan Abdul Medjid, the Ottoman sovereign of the period.

Medgidia is located between the Danube and the Black Sea, 39 km far from Constanţa.

The general aspect of the relief is that of a low plateau with a limestone structure, covered with thick deposits of loess.

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