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Confiding in each other, Phil and Gloria end up as extras in a commercial.

Jay has made reservations for the whole family at a new restaurant that he has waited to go to for months.

However, everyone seems to be running late: Gloria takes forever to get ready, Claire becomes paranoid about letting Luke stay home alone and Cam and Mitch fight after they both wear the same outfit.

Elsewhere, Alex babysits Lily; and Haley spends the night with Manny and Joe.

Gloria tries to find a new nanny for little Joe and ends up hiring a male nanny — something that Jay and Manny don't like; Phil's dad, Frank, stays with the Dunphys for a while after his break-up; Cam and Mitch ask their friend Pepper to plan their wedding.

Claire and Jay attend a Closet Convention; Phil discovers what Jay is hiding in his secret closet; Mitch and Cam visit Cam's hometown.

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