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But this feature does not matter to many ordinary Muslims who are not able to research isnaads and distinguish sound isnaads from weak ones; all they want is to know whether an isnaad is sound or weak by means of a clear and brief statement to that effect.

When he has finished quoting their opinions, he states which he thinks is most likely to be correct, then he describes how he reached that conclusion.

2 – Tafseer Ibn Katheer His full name is Abu’l-Fida’ Ismaa’eel ibn Katheer al-Dimashqi, d. His Tafseer is entitled Tafseer al-Qur’aan il-‘Azeem. This Tafseer is based on commentary by quoting texts – verses and ahaadeeth – and its fame is second to the fame of al-Tabari among later scholars.

Al-Suyooti (may Allaah have mercy on him) said concerning this Tafseer: Nothing like it has ever been written. It is written in an excellent and easy style which is not longwinded or boring, or too short and boring.

Abu 'Abdullah Ahmad ibn Hanbal ash-Shaybani, was born in the city of Baghdad in the year 780CE (164H).

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