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Naz and Maalik's carefree afternoon starts to darken when they realize they’ve given Mickell different alibis and the boys begin to panic about being uncovered by their families.

Jay Dockendorf was inspired to write the screenplay for Naz & Maalik after befriending a Muslim man with whom he was sharing a sublet, and interviewing him about the experience of hiding his sexuality from his family.

At the same time as Dockendorf began outlining the script, the FBI’s program of secret spying on mosques in Brooklyn was coming to light, prompting Dockendorf to incorporate the theme of surveillance into the story.

Once the two leads were cast, the characters continued to evolve, with Dockendorf, Johnson and Cook spending entire days together for three weeks, walking together through the city and running through the characters’ conversations, trajectories, and inner lives.

After raising $37,000 on Kickstarter in 2013 and shooting most of the film over the summer, Dockendorf and his producers, Jacob Albert and Margaret Katcher, received the Tribeca Film Institute IWC Schaffehausen Filmmaker Award on the strength of a rough cut, which was reviewed by a jury chaired by producer Paula Weinstein.

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