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Manager of Finance Ian Wiebe has implemented an upgrade for the 2016 – 2017 fiscal year.This will greatly improve the Association’s ability to track and report on budget items and overall financial goals.Read More »On August 17-18, over 100 people from the engineering community attended Engineers Canada’s Forum on Accreditation in Toronto, ON in order to develop shared vision on future of engineering accreditation.

If so, the Committee for Increasing the Participation of Women in Engineering (CIPWIE) invites you to register for their Mentorship Program!

Read More »Thinking of applying to be Canada’s next astronaut?

There are a number of excellent candidates, but if you want an edge, who better to tell you how to shine like a supernova than the first Canadian to ever walk in space - Commander Chris Hadfield spoke with CBC The Early Edition’s Rick Cluff on what it takes.

Read More »Why is it important for Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba to be at the legislature? If we aren’t talking with the ministers and MLAs, some other groups will. Read More »The Provincial government is requesting input from stakeholders regarding updating its Labour Market Transfer Agreements.

The Provincial and Federal government hope to take into consideration key opportunities and challenges facing Canada’s workforce by examining feedback on employment and skills training programs and services in all of the countries provinces and territories.

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