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She added that her 5ft 4in sibling, Sierra, who towers over her 4ft frame, 'can be bossy but she shows me how to flirt with boys, stands up for me if I'm teased and reaches things when they're too high.' Growing up together: The blonde-haired, blue-eyed teens love shopping, wearing make-up and giggling about boys.

But due to a rare brain abnormality Sienna also has the learning age of an eight year old She was immediately rushed into surgery to correct a hole in the heart and doctors gave her a ten per cent chance of survival.

If she lived, they originally deducted that she would be a vegetable and would not have a normal life.

Mrs Bernal, who lives with her daughters, their step-dad Joey and his son Austin, said, recalling the chain of events: 'Sienna was five weeks behind in development and they said she might not survive - but I refused to believe the worst.

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