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Each of these effects begin as chemical reactions in the brain.

Hippocampus – THC alters how information is processed in the hippocampus and can result in lost memory, difficulty with attention and focus.

Memory loss and weed are at the center of current research on the brain.

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The minimum wage has been a big part of this year’s election cycle, mainly due to Bernie Sander’s campaign and his idea of a national minimum wage.

There has been lots of discussion of this, but most of it is just, well, bad.

There are really two things that one can point to as to why wages above the market wage can be good.

The idea that Donald Trump has gotten his racialized rhetoric from libertarians is simply errant nonsense.

The libertarian view, broadly speaking, is not defined by Murray Rothbard, Llewellyn Rockwell, and Ron Paul and those who share their views.

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