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Applicants for the program, which is an on-campus-based classroom experience, must select (i.e., Curriculum Development, Elementary Education, English Education, Learning Technologies, Mathematics Education, Modern Language Education, Physical Education, Science Education, Social Studies Education, or Special Education) The Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction program includes five required components: Admission Requirements Applicants for admission into the Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction program must meet the minimum University Graduate School admission criteria.

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The program provides students with a foundation in curriculum and instruction and specialization in learning and development during early childhood. degree in Early Childhood Education are as follows: Program Requirements The M. in Early Childhood Education program requires all students to take 15 hours of foundation courses in curriculum and instruction and in methods/statistics. Students may opt to complete a thesis instead of taking an elective course.

Admissions Requirements Applicants must meet the minimum University Graduate School admissions requirements. Students take an additional 18 hours within early childhood education/development, and 3 hours of education-related electives. Graduation Requirements Students must meet all Department, College, Graduate School, and University graduation requirements. Lopez E-mail: [email protected]: (305) 348-2094 The Master of Science (M.

No grades of “C-“ or less received in courses that are part of a masters program of study will be accepted toward graduation. S.) degree program in Educational Leadership comprises courses and experiences designed to develop entry level competencies in the practice of educational leadership.

The program incorporates coursework that constitutes the "modified Florida program in educational leadership" at Florida International University and addresses the competencies assessed in the Florida Educational Leadership Examination.

The program may be used to satisfy part of the requirements of the Florida Department of Education for state certification in Educational Leadership. Program of Study The program of study (13 courses/39 semester hours is as follows: *Successful completion of EDA 6943: Administrative Internship requires that the student pass all sub-tests of the Florida Educational Leadership Examination (FELE).

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