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It even works from Mac to PC and PC to Mac- No longer are Mac users regulated to second place.The Web Access mode allows direct web connection to your 2B via the Commander software, simply run Commander, enable Web Server in The Remote connections menu, and then point a web browser to At the moment Commander2™ is considered to be a BETA release, so any bugs or issues should be reported on our support forum.BETA means there may be problems, faults or it may just not work.

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If you do, then you do agree it's not our fault, and you have been warned.

Commander2 is in active development so there may be nightly, daily, even hourly changes and updates, so keep an eye on the website and our twitter feed for the latest news and release details.

Commander is free to anyone who has a digital link interface and a 2B running at least firmware version 2.09.

The PC software is designed to operate on a standard windows PC, running Windows XP and above, although it has not yet been tested on Windows 8.

The webskin is an additional file that needs to reside in the same directory as the executable, for the web interface to work, but it does allow you to design your interface to suit your phone.

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