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He never planned to hurt anybody in his whole life. I was just thinking about you, wishing you were here. Doug: He never planned on doing anything his entire life. He never planned to be gone for more than a couple days. [Mark walks into the motel room] So, I'll call you tomorrow.

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Carol: [to Jeanie] I swallowed a bunch of pills a few years ago.

You'll go to sleep at night wishing plague and pestilence on his unborn children, and you will wake up every morning praying for his approval. We didn't love, we didn't cherish, we didn't respect and now you've killed me!

He is the Antichrist, Beelzebub, Lucifer, a devourer of wedges. (gets angry) But we didn't have that kind of marriage, did we, Al.

He's smarter than you, he never eats, never sleeps, and he reads every medical journal no matter how obscure. He sat there and watched his wife die, and he helped her to die, because she was in so much pain, and he loved her.

I can learn the techniques, the mechanics, but I'll never be a great surgeon. Anspaugh, I can be a great doctor; a doctor who spends time with his patients, who's there for them. ' I'm looking at her, I don't know what she's saying.

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