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Shy guys are gentle and they are less likely to reject you.READ ALSO: 8 Secrets Of Successful Online Dating For Girls 2. Just compliment their appearance or wits and you will see the magic. Rough guys will only say ‘thanks’ or just won’t say anything at all. They are less likely to cheat Introvert guys will always stick to you.Shy boys will not allow themselves to have a side chick. They are not ashamed to be themselves Truth is important to them.

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They won’t interrupt you when you would be talking about something. Usually they don’t engage themselves in weird parties, alcohol or drugs. Their intelligence leaves them not too much time for useless social activities.

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You can find them still in the university after the classes were over.

During your NYSC you may find a lot of them at orientation camps.

You can also meet them in your church, they always sit at the back, rarely dance when its time for offering and they rarely come out to give testimonies because they are shy.

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